4 tips to run a better automobile service station in 2020


If you have ever wondered whether if this is as far as you can get as a business, then you’re still not there. In a country like Singapore, where there are too many amazing vehicles of all kinds, having a high-end service station is a blessing.

But on the flip side, the presence of competitors makes the hustle a bit harder. In 2020, this new year and this new decade, it is about time you make the right changes. Here are 4 of the best kept tips to change your service station for better functioning.

  • Allow your customers to make bookings online

We all are very busy people in the present. So busy to a point where it has become a nuisance, when you can’t get things done from a phone call. You also need to keep in your mind that the people who do not mind spending a lot on their vehicles, certainly don’t like wasting their good free time for nothing. These solution for this is the availability of online bookings – with a few clicks or taps, your booking is done.

  • Invest in the right handy tools always

This cannot be stressed enough! Have you ever happened to see service stations that seem to have everything in the top notch except for the handy tools? They are either in the worst shape or you can physically feel the collateral damage that these tools could be making to the vehicle. Naturally, these people always be one-time customers. For a very specific example, your wrench inventory needs to be comprehensive if you want to deal with a large number of type of vehicles. In the process, the hydraulic torque wrench is unarguably the best solution that you can go for. Why? Because it gets the job done with no absolute damaged for the nut rims and whatnot.

  • Open new services this year

Being a company that provides a number of services should be one of the resolutions that you should go for this year. In the end of the day, the more you have to offer, the better would be the demand.

  • Try to provide a loyalty option for chain customers

If you happened to spot customers who have been coming to your service station for many times, twice at minimum, they show the chance to choose you as their designated service provider. Hence, as a faithful service provider, what you should do is making the good use of the opportunity but giving them loyalty benefits.

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